Monday, April 4, 2011

Wanna get away?

During residency time at home is precious, days off are a luxury, and vacation days that lead to a 4 day weekend are rare prize that must not be wasted. A week ago, Dr Love had a couple of vacation days come up that resulted in a fabulous 4 day golden weekend. Given the rough news we'd received earlier that week in regards to this cycle, combined with the breakdown I had during Match Week, we decided we could not let this opportunity for a break go wasted. We scoured the Internet and found a small pet-friendly cottage in the Verde Valley that was available, packed up the car and headed for the hills.

The cottage was perfect and just what we needed. Quiet, secluded and relaxing. During our time there, the only other living creatures I consistently saw were the 3 goats in the neighbors yard. We were plucked from our stressful, chaotic life in the city and plopped down on the Agrarian Avenue that time forgot complete with windmills and chicken coops.

Even Buster was in doggy heaven with all the room to run and new scents to sniff, which would have been all well and good, except he developed a case of the-grass-is-greener-over-there-itis.

Seriously this dog had maybe an acre of fenced in land to check out which is a bajillion times larger than our little patio at home, but that wasn't enough. After exploring the area he wanted to be in the neighbor's yard on either side of us. He patrolled the fence looking for spots big enough for his little body to slip through, and find them he did. That was the not-so-relaxing part of the weekend, as I raced down the lane to retrieve my furry little explorer before he got too far, got himself in trouble, or ruined something of the neighbors. He's proven that his little beagle genes run strong in him and if we ever take him camping he can't be let off-leash because he would be half way across the forest before we could catch him.

I'm so glad that we took the opportunity to get away from everything and just have time for the two of us. We desperately needed a break from residency and infertility and to have a chance to get back to our relationship as friends and spouses outside of the external stresses. I didn't want the weekend to end. I didn't want to head back to reality. I would be content to stay on that little lane for weeks. Alas the obligations both of us have to our jobs brought us back, but we came back a little relaxed, a lot more happy, and very much still in love. Here's hoping we don't need another one of these breaks for awhile, and that the next one will be under more pleasant circumstances.


  1. That sounds wonderful. We definitely take as many opportunities to relax together as possible. Not so great on our social life, but I think it's critical for our marriage and mental health!

  2. Social life? What is this thing, social life, you speak of? I don't know that is. ;)

    Much like you, the majority of our mutual free time gets spent together since it is crucial for marriage, and for us that's ultimately the most important relationship.


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