How did we get here?

January 2007 - Med Student Love and I meet.  Friendship ensues

Spring 2007 - Worked up by OB/GYN and Endocrinologist for irregular cycles.  Tests suggest Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but no definite diagnosis reached since I don't "look PCOS."

May 2008 - Med Student Love and I start dating.  Love ensues.

August 2008 -  We get engaged

December 2008 - We take the plunge, seal the deal, tie the other words we get married.

January 2010 - Kiss hormonal birth control pills good bye.

April 2010 - We jump on the TTC roller coaster.

June 2010 - Med Student Love graduates from med school and officially becomes Dr. Love.

July 2010 - Dr. Love starts his family medicine residency...I officially become a residency widow.

August 2010 - I start charting my fertility signs to see if I am ovulating regularly... turns out I'm not ovulating at all.

November 2010 - Visit general practitioner regarding my concerns about not ovulating and past hormone problems.  Run tests; results suggest PCOS, no big surprise there.  Also find slightly elevated thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), determined to be subclinical hypothyroid.  Referred to reproductive endocrinologist (RE) for further treatment.

December 2010 - Start working with RE who agrees that I have PCOS.  Runs other diagnostic tests on Dr. Love and I to rule out any other fertility problems.  Everything comes back clear and RE recommends Clomid for ovulation induction.

February 2011 - First Clomid cycle (50mg).  Produced 2 good follicles, ovulated, short luteal phase, BFN.

March 2011 - Forced rest cycle due to 2 large cysts

April 2011 - Second Clomid cycle (50mg) + Progesterone suppliments. Produced 1 follicle, ovulated, BFN.

May 2011 - Third Clomid cycle (50mg) + Progesterone supplements.  Produced 1 big 27mm folicle, ovulated, BFN

June 2011 - Fourt Clomid cycle (50mg) in progress