Tuesday, October 25, 2011

We're Alive!!!

I am apparently the worst pregnant blogger ever. 

My lame excuse is the baby has invaded the creative writing part of my brain leaving me with an extended case of writer's block.  Truthfully, there also hasn't been much happening over the past few weeks.  After the initial excitement of getting the BFP, seeing the heartbeat, hearing the heartbeat, and making it past the fragile weeks of the first trimester, it's been weeks of just growing and waiting.  Waiting for the BIG scan.  This last week it was time to finally get a good look at our baby, no longer a blob or a gummi bear, but a real baby.

Like any BIG appointment I was a bit nervous going into the ultrasound wondering if they would find something wrong and eager to find out what we are having.  30 minutes and numerous photos later we got the news that our little peanut is healthy and at the time of the scan was weighing in at a strong 8oz. 

Then the big moment came we had been waiting for.   Would we be filling the nursery with frilly things and bows or manly things like cars and trucks?  I am excited to announce.......

I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the implications of having a son but it is fun to be able to start planning our boy's nursery and the fun stuff that boys enjoy.  Luckily I have lots of friends and family nearby that are familiar with raising little boys.  We haven't decided on a name just yet but the list of possibilities is getting shorter.

In addition to baby boy being healthy, momma is doing well so far too.  The first trimester ickiness finally seems to be gone with only an occasional short lived reprise.  By the most recent check I am up 6 pounds and I have a bit of a more defined baby bump that people are starting to notice.

So that's the big update for us.  With any luck the baby will give up a little bit of my brain power that I might be able to not go so long between posts.