Thursday, April 21, 2011

Welcome April ICLWers!

This is my VERY first month participating in IComLeavWe and I'm excited to jump into the conversation...though admittedly a little nervous that I'll just be talking to myself {Bueller?}.

So if you are new here, I have created tabs located above that will give you the cliff notes version of who I am and our journey so far. These pages are a new addition, so I guess even if you aren't new to my blog they may prove handy to review.

I started this blog as an anonymous outlet for me to talk about the difficulties of infertility and life as a doctor's wife. Every now and then you may find glimpses of the woman (and man) behind the curtain and maybe one day I'll reveal my identity but for now we're Residency Widow and Dr. Love. We could be your neighbor, your friend, your co-worker, or the person rocking out in their car next to you on the freeway...we could be anywhere (is that ominous enough?).

I have a few posts on the stove brewing that I hope to finish up and post over the coming days with ICLW and NIAW coming up. Now if I can only find the time free of distractions to complete them.

So sit back, stay a while, and chat. I hope you come back soon and often.


  1. Its my 1st ICLW week too! Super excited to be part of it

  2. How funny, the five blogs I selected for today were all first timers like myself! I'm glad I'm participating and getting exposed to others' experiences.

    Hey you have two comments now so at least you know you're not talking to yourself ;-)

  3. Yay for your first ICLW! I went crazy during my first one and became an iron commenter. No way I could keep that up now that's school's back on. My hubby is a semi-widow right now while I'm in a very fast paced nursing program so we understand the added difficulties, especially when adding ttc into the mix. I have a very dear friend who started ttc while her husband was in his residency and I've heard many, many stories about the problems it brings up. Thanks for the comment and I do hope you'll stick around so we can watch each other's journey's play out!

  4. Thanks ladies for the comments. It made my night to see them pop up in my mailbox.

    @Rochelle - I'm sorry to hear TTC in residency created so many problems in your friend's marriage. It's definitely not easy when both situations on their own are stressful.

  5. Hi from ICLW! I knew I chose a good blog when I saw the "Bueller?" because I posted the same thing on my blog just a few days ago! I'm looking forward to reading much more from you.

  6. Visiting from ICLW... looking forward to hearing how your second cycle of Clomid turns out! :)

  7. @ Miss Conception - Except that I just saw I spelled Bueller wrong. Oh spell check you failed embarrassing.

  8. Happy ICLW Week! Thanks for commenting on my page. Fingers crossed your basket full of eggs are overflowing, can't wait to hear how it goes.


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