Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back in the saddle again

Once again just when I think Mother Nature is a pain in the butt, she shows that she has a small amount of mercy. Cycle 9 was one of my strangest but shortest cycles to date. 22 days! Sure it was unfortunately another anovulatory cycle but wow, 22 days.

Today I went in for my repeat cyst check ultrasound, and I felt so nervous in the hours leading up to the procedure this morning. Luckily the nerves were put to rest as the 2 cysts which spoiled our treatment in Cycle 9 are GONE!! Which means we have the green light on starting up medication again.

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My bag o' fun this time includes:

.5mg Dexamethasone from now until cycle day (CD) 14

50 mg Clomid, CD 3-7

A box of ovulation predictor sticks for use starting CD 11

1 shot of Pregnyl HcG trigger

50 mg Progesterone suppositories to be used twice a day during the two week wait.
Funny thing is my mid cycle ultrasound to check my response to the medication and the growth of follicles is scheduled for Easter morning.  I'm sure we can draw all kinds of symbolism from that, so far I've come up with:
Hopefully this means my "baskets" will have some good eggs.
Maybe this is where my fertility will be resurrected from the dead.
Is the ultrasound wand the Easter Bunny of my uterus?  He better bring me lots of goodies.
What an appropriate way to start off NIAW.

Buckle in tight because this crazy ride is on its way once again. 


  1. I am sorry you are having to deal with this too. We started trying when my husband was in his 3rd (of 4yrs - Med/Peds) of residency. I found out I have PCOS after we moved for him to do a fellowship in neonatalogy. I am on my 30th cycle of trying. PLEASE don't do injectibles before getting a second RE's opinion. PCOS patients are very sensitive to meds - our ovaries don't work well, but when stimulated, they work in overdrive. I did IVF with the Dr. Williams at Magnolia Park in Gainesville FL and it almost killed me (not kidding). I got an horrible case of OHSS-Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Go to the SART.ORG website and compare your clinic to others. The one in Gainesville, FL only does about 100 IVF's per year vs the one I am going to now in Jacksonvile, FL does over 1200 IVF's per year. The # of IVF cycles per year reflects how big an office they are (the more cycles the better...practice makes perfect). The clinic I am now going to in Jacksonville even has an entire PCOS center - and they rarely have to resort to IVF for the patients to get pregnant. Unfortunately, all doctors are not equally smart - I guess deep down we all know this (especially if you were with your husband in medical school). There are other drugs out there to help PCOS patients like us besides Clomid...currently I am taking Femera & Metformin.

  2. Sybil-Thank you for stopping by and for the kind comment. I am so sorry to hear about your experience with injectibles and OHSS; you sound like it's been a long tough road this far. It's a good reminder that we need to be proactive about our healthcare, our providers and the course of treatment.
    Currently we're not to the point of considering injectibles as I responded well to my first course of Clomid and hopefully we'll have similar results this time.


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