Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Most Exciting Christmas Party Ever!

I know with the New Year that Christmas is old news but I didn't get a chance to talk about this earlier.

This year was the first year that Dr. Love and I had a work related Christmas Party to attend. Last year I got laid off the week before Christmas (the scrooges) and Dr. Love wasn't working yet. While most work parties can be kind of, well, lame, I was looking forward to a night out on someone else's dime. I guess I could be called a freeloader but I also like hanging out with Dr. Love's fellow residents.

With dinner finished it was time to move onto the activities. There was an audible collective groan as the program coordinator tried to get everyone organized. As she started to give us instructions there was a low boom, the building shook, and a billowing cloud of dust could be seen out the window we were sitting next to. A car had veered through oncoming traffic lanes and crashed into the building.

Now if you're ever going to crash into a building, pick one with a room full of doctors. Within mere moments they were spilling outside to tend to the people in the car. Talk about having your own emergency responders. Miraculously everyone was fine, except the car. According to the driver he had been in the middle of a sneeze and lost control of the car. According to one of the 3rd year residents, the perfume of alcohol emanating from him suggested a different story.

Needless to say all the commotion stole the program coordinator's thunder for a while. If you've ever caught yourself rubber necking on the freeway, imagine getting to watch it all from less than 10 feet away; it was difficult to focus on much else. I do have a new found appreciation for construction, however, as had the building been poorly constructed or had the car crashed just a few more feet down the road it would have been bad news for us.

It will be hard for other parties to top the one where we watched our life flash before our eyes as the walls came tumbling down and let's not forget the purple Snuggie that Dr. Love won.

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