Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sugar, sugar; aw honey, honey

Today I took the next step closer to implementing our RE's treatment plan. Today I went in for my list of blood work, including a 2 hour glucose test. I have dreaded this test for years since I have a tendency to melt down when my blood sugar gets too low. My head starts to swim, the room gets foggy, a cranky creature that seems to hide in the dark depths of my psyche comes raging forward.

This in addition to the fact that I don't always do well with blood tests left me dreading how the morning would go. Luckily Dr. Love is on vacation so he was free to come with me in case I was a pitiful mess after everything was done.

The test started with some initial blood draws during which I turned my head as far away as possible from the impending torture my little vein was about to endure. I can't watch as they drain the life from my arm, or rather I can for a few brief moments before everything goes black and I plummet to the floor. Next came my lovely, orange treat of glucola...

Glucola is a akin to concentrated flat orange soda. It's sugary, it's orangey, and it has to be finished in 5 minutes. At first the taste wasn't as revolting as I had anticipated BUT the flavor doesn't grow on you, it actually was quite the opposite. 2/3rds of the way through the bottle I wanted no more and struggled a little bit to finish it all.

"Now if you feel like you're going to throw up let us know so we can have you lay down in the recliner," said the lab tech. "If you throw up you'll have to come back and do it again."

GREAT! What a way to calm my anxiety about the whole thing. Now not only do I have to be on cranky fog watch, I'm on puke alert too for the next two hours.

Dr. Love and I made our way back to the waiting room to get comfortable and who did we happent to sit next to? None other than a high school classmate of Dr. Love with her husband and three adorable kids. After the initial introductions came THE question..."so do you two have kids?" Luckily Dr. Love handled it in stride as we sat and watched her toe-headed one year old girl make friends with everyone in the waiting room.

Two hours and two more pokes later I walked out of the lab puke free, faint free and cranky fog free. I'm calling that a WIN in my book, now we just wait to see if the test results agree.

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