Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lady in Waiting

Here I am again in the thick of the dreaded two week wait (2WW).  This is only my 2nd official 2WW in the year that we have been on the TTC train, so it is not quite as torturous as I imagine it would be if this was my 12th.  Currently I am 9 days post trigger shot which means I could be 7-8 days past ovulation though I don't know exactly since I said goodbye to the bbt this cycle.  My first 2WW only lasted 10 days after ovulation which was a big surprise and just a bit too short as an ideal luteal phase (the time between ovulation and menses) is 12-16 days.  Thus the next couple days I'm going to be holding my breath and crossing my fingers that the progesterone supplements will do their job to stretch that out to give any potential embryo(s) time to snuggle in tight without pulling the rug from under it/them.

Speaking of progesterone supplements, I've been taking them for less than a week and the twice a day bit is already getting old.  This does not bode well considering if we do "meet our goal" (as the RE's office likes to call it) I'll need to keep shooting the vaginal suppositories up there until 9 weeks.  Obviously I'll do what I need to but, ugh, this routine is less than ideal (haha what else is new).  The night time dose is fine; it's the morning one that's slightly annoying as I get up 30-45 minutes before my usual time, drag my half awake self down the stairs to the fridge to retrieve a dose, stumble back up the stairs to our bathroom to take it, then slide back into bed until my normal wake up time to give the "fun pill" time to melt (yuck) and be absorbed.  Doesn't that sound like a blast every morning for possibly 10-11 weeks?  Good grief I just realized that's almost 3 months of these suckers.  ::chanting:: It will all be worth it, it will all be worth it, it will all be worth it.
This 2WW is also momentous since:

> We will hit our 1 year TTC-iversary.

> I will celebrate my 29th birthday.  Yikes!

> It will be my first Mother's Day as a bonafide infertile.

The next 7 days I'm going to try to keep myself busy and not dwell on it which shouldn't be too hard since while I'm not counting this cycle out yet I haven't felt overly confident about it since the monitoring ultrasound.  To liken it to baking, we're just waiting to see if the dough will raise.  Hopefully the yeast was alive, hopefully the water was the right temperature, and hopefully we gave the yeast the appropriate food needed to work its magic, but right now all we can do is wait to see if we have a bun to put in the oven. 


  1. I'm happy that I have someone to follow that is at the same stage of the waiting game with similar treatments (except I'm not on the supplements this cycle). I started watching Army Wives on Netflix to help me pass the time during this 2WW, it's working so far. Here's hoping this next week goes fast and we are both looking at our BFPs!

  2. oh, the lovely progesterone suppositories, the best part of the 2ww. ;) i'm right there with you, 8dpiui and trying not to scream. ha ha! good luck with your 2ww. i hope it goes fast and that your b-day makes it at least somewhat enjoyable.

  3. I am 2dpiui and May 16th can not get here fast enough! At least your dr has you on the suppositories - when I did IVF in Feb11 I had to have progesterone shots (in the rear) starting the day after retrival...all I can say is OUCH!

  4. Wishing you the best of luck! Those suppositories are really off putting... but I do think I would take those over the dreaded PIO shots! :( I just started PIO shots tonight... any way to slice it, being on progesterone support is a literal pain in the... well, you know. But as you say, it's all worth it! :)

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! And those suppositories don't sound fun at all :(

  6. Any update? I hope you are hanging in there!


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