Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And here we go

Ok maybe the Joker isn't the best illustration when it comes to trying to conceive, but I can't say this phrase without it sounding like Heath Ledger and this image going through my head.

Our treatment plan is finally officially under way. It took 10 weeks from our initial appointment to get here and I am ready to go. Here's what it will hopefully take to get us on our way to parenthood.
  • 14 tablets of .5mg of dexamethasone
  • 5 tablets of 50mg of clomid
  • 1 shot of Pregnyl (HcG)
  • 2 Ultrasounds
Yesterday I had my baseline ultrasound to take a look at my uterus and ovaries so that we can compare them after my course of Clomid. If there had been any previous doubt that I am PCOS that ultrasound pretty much removed it. My ovaries are poly cystic and big; enlarged due to the immature follicles of cycles past. The nurse practitioner doing the scan counted them up but she stops counting at 20 on each ovary because "by then it gets the point across"; I still had more to go. It's nice to know I'm not making things up and that we could see I really don't ovulate but it made me feel bad for my poor ovaries. Apparently they're not as lazy as I thought, they try really hard to get an egg out but just don't have enough juice to make it to the finish line. So let's hope this Poweraid cocktail gives them the extra juice they need to power through to the end.
As I sit here at the beginning of my treatment I find myself excited with a positive outlook on our chances. I'm looking forward to the possibility of a little turkey for us to be thankful for this November. I want it so bad I can taste it and that scares me. It scares me to think of the possibility that it might not happen. I'm trying not to focus on those fears though, instead I'm praying that I'll make it through the side effects and that it will work. I'm praying for our little gobbler.


  1. Good luck this cycle! I really hope this works for you!

  2. I understand the fear...and it's real! Just keep doing everything you can, and I know HF will keep up his end of the bargain :) Praying for your Turkey!!! he he. Sounds like you have a good plan! My 50 mg of Clomid I didn't have too bad side-effects...a few hot flashes, and minor headache, so hoping you do well on it, too. But the 100 mg are coming at me BIG TIME! It's all worth it if we get our prize at the end, right? :)


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